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Many people when they are injured in an accident assume they must have health insurance to take care of them. And some people believe that if they do not have health insurance they cannot get any care. But this is not always the case. Our office can determine whether you have "medical" coverage and if not, we can make arrangements with a doctor to see you on a lien. This means the doctor agrees to be paid for your treatments at the end of your case once it settles. Give Arvanitis Law Group a call for a free consultation so we can help you on the road to recovery and to a fair settlement.

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About George Arvanitis

George Arvanitis, Esq.

Mr. Arvanitis is a New York transplant who moved to California after graduating from the University of Connecticut. He spent the first 30 years of his legal career representing insurance companies and practicing insurance litigation. However, after working on the insurance defense side for so many years, he realized he could do more good by representing clients that were severely injured, rather than the insurance companies. The years of working on the other side of the fence has given Mr. Arvanitis a unique perspective and a negotiating advantage when representing his clients.


Why is it important to me to have uninsured motorist coverage?

What should you do in the event you get into a car accident?

What if the other person’s insurance company calls and wants to get my statement?

What if I don’t think I am hurt at the scene of the accident?

What if I do not have health insurance?

What happens if I don’t have car insurance and the accident it’s not my fault?

What if I get documents from the insurance company of the person who hit me?

When should my case settle?


The Arvanitis Law Group handled my case that no other attorney would take because the police report stated I was at fault.  Mr. Arvanitis investigated the accident scene personally and was able to determine that fault was not as clear cut as the police report stated.  He negotiated with the insurance carrier to assign the other party 30% responsible which resulted in a settlement for me that paid for all of my medical bills and I even got a check for my pain and suffering.  The staff is great and really know their stuff and are easy to work with.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants someone to fight for them.

- Michael K.

The Arvanitis Law Group was a real find.  The team demonstrated a real desire to help me resolve my issue.  The team was always a phone call away and kept me well informed about the progress of my case. I recommend George and his team to anyone looking for a law group that is concerned about you as an individual and willing to go the extra mile to help resolve your legal issues with a positive outcome.

- Judith O.

My company's overall experience in working with the Arvanitis Law Group was exceptional.  The team demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and experience.  My issue was resolved in a timely manner with a positive result.

- Chuck C.

Working with the Arvanitis Law Group was a very satisfying experience.  The team keeps you well informed and works hard to resolve your problem.  I would recommend them for any of your legal issues.

- Jim S.

As a client who has personally experienced the successful conclusion of a lawsuit, I can highly recommend the Arvanitis Law Group.
Throughout the year, before my case was settled, Michele and Brittany, the assistants to Attorney Arvanitis, would call me to ask for additional information or to verify information.  They were courteous, friendly, and efficient.  I felt as if I had known them for a long time. 
George Arvanitis was likewise a pleasure to talk with.  His energy and enthusiasm were a part of his personality to be admired.  Those were characteristics that reassured me that he would get the job done.  His sense of humor made him a friend. 
Attorney Arvanitis, Michele, and Brittany are a wonderful team. I felt honored that they accepted my case.


- Virginia, M.

The team at Arvanitis Law Group is very knowledgeable and responsive, AND they have integrity. While these characteristics are hard to find with most law firms, the entire team that works with George genuinely cares about your case and your experience. They go the extra mile to keep you informed and to research all avenues of approach to your case. I have worked with George and Michele and couldn't be more impressed with the way they handled my case. I highly recommend working with George Arvanitis' firm. He is smart and tenacious and will fight for your rights.

- Angie, V.

My husband and I have used George several times throughout the years. George and his staff are so helpful. They are passionate about what they do and definitely provide excellent customer service. They took care of everything every step of the way and made things so much easier for us. I highly recommend George!

- Jennifer A.

I recently had George Arvanitis represent me in a personal injury case and I highly recommend George and his staff. They know how to navigate through the not so friendly world of insurance companies to get you a fair settlement. They are professional legal advocates that can help you win your case.

- Klaus, P.

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